Callaway RAZR Hawk draw Driver

Relating to tee pictures, golfers usually fall into one of two categories: players who simply desire to crush the ball, and individuals who are prepared to give up one or two yards as long as they can condition their pictures.
If you’re about distance, Callaway possesses Callaway RAZR Hawk draw Driver .

But if you value to sketch the tennis ball around most or fade it to the short turf, the company now gives the RAZR Hawk as well as RAZR Hawk Expedition drivers.

Like the Diablo Octane, the RAZR Hawk as well as RAZR Hawk Tour are created with Forged Composite, a super-lightweight stuff Callaway developed jointly with Lamborghini.

To make it, enormous ultra-thin co2 fibers are heated as well as pressed in between two halves of a metal device. The fabric melt from the heat as well as pressure from the tool as well as ooze to the exact condition Callaway wants. The last product of Callaway RAZR Hawk draw Driver can be quite strong, as well as very mild.

Forged Amalgamated was found in the crown from the Diablo Octane, but it’s used to make the crown as well as body from the RAZR Hawk staff, although none from the material will be visible during address.

The Technology

Weight positioning is probably the most important elements in a clubhead intended for delivering the most mass on the highest speed to the ball during impact. Callaway’s different Forged Composite™ engineering delivers a whole new material, giving technicians the freedom to location weight where by needed intended for maximized length, accuracy, as well as workability. That’s why they’re just calling the fresh RAZR Hawk draw Driverr “golf’s first uncompromised driver”.
Forged Composite

Due to the distinctive partnership in between Callaway as well as Lamborghini, that new stuff is one-third the density with titanium, yet includes a greater fill carrying power per device mass inside bending. Due to the fact it’s lighter and stronger than titanium, engineers can additional precisely handle thickness just like never previous to, resulting in a clubhead of Callaway RAZR Hawk draw Driver that’s lighter and stronger than titanium yet still has an extremely high MOI. The lighter clubhead also allows for a longer club configuration not having compromising forgiveness.